Layla Price The Ultimate Anal Slut


Layla Price is now ready to prove the world to the world that she can be flexible and be okay with everything. She casually seduces the man behind the camera to come over and help her with her mission. She reveals some of her skin to entice the man. Her big tits and shaved pussy didn’t fail her. She bends over to show the man that she is ready for him. The man reaches out to gently caress her great ass and pussy from behind. Suddenly, he just inserted some of his fingers inside Layla’s ass. He even let her taste his fingers. She is now ready to take his entire big dick inside her. Layla felt the need the need to give the man a little head to ease up the experience. But she didn’t expect him to push it throat-deep. She starts gagging on it. Layla bends over and asks the man to fuck her from behind and the man complied. After a while, he sits down on the floor let her ride him this time. Man gives Layla a deep kiss while rubbing her and still fucking her. He lays her on the bed to fuck her from different angle. He grabs one leg and starts pumping. After this he ate her out for a long time. Her legs are in the air, shaking. Layla now sits down on the floor. She gave him a dirty look like she’s saying that she can get take a little more rough treatment. So he tried lightly choking her using his foot. She seems to like it and starts sucking on that same foot. He even tried inserting his toes inside her to test if she likes it. This dirty slut didn’t have enough. She starts going solo soon after.


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