Layla Price: Always Ready For Anal


Life really is full of surprises and it never fails to do that. To give a good imagery for this, Layla Price gets herself in the scene on how fluid time is. One minute, she’s walking around minding her own business and the next she has some big dick stuck in her throat. Life and time really is a fickle thing. This happened when James Deen got himself involved with her. They were just hanging out until Layla starts showing off her nice tits to James. Naturally, this will end to something we all expect. James pulls out something nice too to bring back the favor. His big dick is in front of Layla and she knows what to do. She goes on all fours, creep forward and starts giving that fuck rod some good time. Layla’s licking and sucking makes a sound that fills the air in the room. Afterwards, James now pulls out his cock and flips her over. Layla now offers up her fuck hole and James gives it what it has been wanting. He sticks his big dick in and gives it a nice fuck. Layla gets the dick from behind and decided after that to ride and do the fucking herself. She got what she wants but not really. James is still pumping her hole from below. James now drags her ass to the wall. He presses Layla against it and continues fucking her from behind. This also made the camera a little closer, making this a little more detailed than before. This was true until the end when Layla drops down to her knees and gets face fucked until a good amount of warm cum explodes inside her mouth. Being a good girl Layla is, it’s only natural that she swallowed all of it to avoid making a mess.


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