Trisha Parks Late Night Rough Sex


Who would’ve thought that hanging out with some filthy sluts would end up being another addition to James Deen’s backstage fuck fest. They were just chatting and laughing at jokes. How did it end up like this? James, as usual, is with his trusty camera. He’s hanging around his friends Chloe Cherry, Tommy Pistol and Trisha Parks. The conversation was casual and fun and then suddenly, James Deen decides to shove his fat dick into Trisha Park’s mouth. She is in all fours while James is standing up, trying to shove the whole length into her mouth. Tommy and Chloe leaves to give these people some privacy. This may be a porn set, they still need it. She eventually lie down on her back and James starts pounding on her fuck hole. Trisha’s legs just wiggle in the air as James do his best on feeding himself with her pussy. James shifts her legs from side to side for some different angle for his dick. Trisha gets up after and goes on all fours again. Trisha asks James Deen to fuck her from behind. James complied and did the fucking in his own rough way. Trisha now goes back lying down on the couch and anticipates what James what to do. They may go back on the same position as before, James made sure to do it harder this time. He eventually flipped her over and continued fucking her against couch. James went at it for a while and dragged her all around to fuck her from behind. But James is just a man. He has his limits. He eventually reached his point of cumming. When he felt that it was close, he sits down and made Trisha take care of it. Trisha went on sucking that dick until it squirted her face with a huge load of cum.


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