Abella Danger Sneaks Off Set to Fuck in the Bathroom


Abella Danger and James Deen are both naked in the kitchen. But they weren’t alone. The whole production team is around as they are supposed to be filming today. But she just isn’t in the mood. Fucking in front of the camera and with many people around is something she just doesn’t want to do today. James Deen feels the same way too. So the two porn stars decide to sneak out of the set while they were on a break. Abella, still completely naked, leaves first and heads straight to the bathroom. James follows a few minutes later with a camera on his hand. As James films her, Abella grabs a dry body soap and rubs it into her hands before reaching out to grab his big dick. She stimulates his cock with her hand wrapped around it and slowly rubbing it. She then licks and sucks the tip of the penis before she takes his full-length member into her mouth as she squats on the bathroom floor. The foreplay between James and Abella has to stop as they hear footsteps outside the bathroom door. The staff might be looking for them so they decided to have a little quiet talk. But then they realized that the house is too big for the people to easily find them. So James and Abella continue on with their bathroom sex. Abella turns around, her bare ass cheeks facing his big hard cock. James teases her as he positions the tip of his penis at the entrance of her butt hole. Abella grunts, frustrated. Then, without any warning, James rams his big hard cock into her tight ass hole, surprising her. She humps her hard from behind until he reaches his peak. James Deen pulls his dick out and fucks her in the mouth until he orgasms. He releases his cum all over Abella Danger’s face. The two porn stars then walked back to the set as if nothing happened.


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