Adrianna Nicole Sticks Things Up Her Butt at Home


It starts with short-haired blonde Adrianna Nicole sitting on a couch wearing a black bra covered with a green tank top and her black jeans. James Deen sits beside her, her left foot resting on his thighs. James stands up, focuses the camera on Adrianna's face then to her foot which just started rubbing his cock over his pants. She moves to the edge of the couch, unbuttons James' pants then starts licking and sucking his big dick and balls. James took his pants off then with one foot on the floor and the other half sitting on the couch, he positioned himself and was ready to get the blowjob he was waiting for. Adrianna took all of James' length in her mouth. Backing off a little, James removed his shirt. James kissed her then took off her top before removing her bra. She continues sucking his dick, his hands guiding her head down his shaft. James sat on the couch and started playing with Adrianna's pussy while she gives her a head. With her help, James removes her pants and undies. He tattooed body makes her look even more sexy. James laid her back on the couch and to return the favor, he started eating her pussy while she plays with his dick. Lying on the couch with her leg resting on James' shoulder, he enters her pussy while his hand moves from his clit, up to her tits then back to her pussy. James slowly turned Adrianna on one side, his dick still inside her pussy. The couch witnessed them carrying out different positions from her lying with her legs wide open to doing doggy. James sits on the couch' arm rest. Adrianna licks and sucks his balls while he's doing a handjob. He made her lie on the bed and fucks her again and again. After few minutes of reminiscing, Adrianna gave James a blowjob as a warm up before she bent over the couch and was again taken from behind, a big dick stuck in her ass. Adrianna plays with her pussy while James moves in and out of her gaping hole. Adrianna gives his cock another blowjob before James started playing with her pussy using his fingers.


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