Adrianna Nicole Fucks in Her Apartment Instead of a Public Bathroom


Adrianna Nicole and James Deen meets at a park in front of a public toilet, contemplating about where to have sex. James spice things up by sliding her tank top on one side, revealing her bra. He spreads her legs, but not able to do anything more. They walk around the park with James holding the camera then go down the subway. The two reached another park where there were less people. James sits next to Adrianna while still discussing things. Next scene shows Adrianna in her apartment, brushing he teeth with her pants off. James follows her to the bathroom while she’s bent over the sink rinsing her mouth. He pulls her underwear down, looks at her pussy before giving her ass a slap. Once done, Adrianna moves to her bedroom, moves up the bed and assuming a doggy position, licks James’ cock who’s standing next to the bed. James positions the camera so they’d both be captured. Adrianna sucks her cock down her throat, with James’ hands guiding her head. James removes his shirt and throws it off somewhere. Next scene shows both of them lying facedown the bed, James on top of Adrianna. He’s pushing himself inside her while she moans in pleasure. James turned Adrianna over the bed, and with her legs wide open, he fucks her so hard while she dips his fingers in her mouth. Adrianna presses her legs together, James big dick is still moving in and out of her cunt. James then decides to insert his big dick inside Adrianna's ass before switching to a reversed cowgirl position. Adrianna plays with her pussy while James fucks her ass. After doing a blowjob, James makes Adrianna lie down on the bed, fucks her pussy while he’s standing next to the bed. He moves from her pussy down her asshole then asked her to open her legs. Seated on the floor, she sucks his cock until he came on her tits.


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