Alexa Nova Redhead Likes Rough Anal Sex


This starts with a cameo of a familiar looking couch in the background. If you catch that reference, you’re a man of culture. If you didn’t, that’s okay too. We don’t judge here. Anyway, here’s Alexa Nova getting her ass destroyed by hard fucking. This red head slut has some things she wants fulfilled and a bit of emphasizing on the ‘filled’ part. James Deen, the big dicked man of reality hookups, is here to help Alexa with whatever she wants. Without no further fucking ado, James starts running his fingers all around Alexa’s body to starts this. James is sitting on the couch while Alexa just stand before him, letting him do what he want with her ass. She just turn around to make a great highlight of her body for James. Slowly, her dress gets slowly peeled away from her body, showing the audience some great, big ass of hers and her cute tits. It was enough for James to get motivated to start his rough routine with Alexa. As he takes off his clothes, his other hand was busy keeping Alexa in line. He grabs Alexa by the neck and other parts of her body to get her in place. Eventually, James made her bend over and he starts his nice introductions by greeting her ass hole using his fat dick. He pauses for a while after to have her wet his dick enough for the things he’ll do later. Kneeling before him, Alexa now starts licking and sucking him off to do the job. But it seems that it wasn’t the only thing that happened. She added gagging on the list that she was suppose to do at that moment. James now sits down on the couch and let Alexa go on top for a while. Even though the camera was way too far to see every detail, it was still great because it lets the viewers see the whole picture. James gets the camera closer afterwards. He is a considerate man, after all. They repeat the whole process with only minor changes that differs. First thing is revealing the fact that they’re doing this in front of a huge ass mirror. Other things include Alexa sucking him off in every change in position. They kept this up until they end up on the floor. Alexa is on fours while James fucks her from behind. He went at it for a while until he blew his load inside Alexa’s ass.


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