Anita B Anal Fucked In A Private Room


Anita B, James Deen


Many European things screams class or culture. But Anita B is neither of those two things. Being dubbed as a Euro whore, you can expect the dirtiest things she might do. James Deen visits this petite chick for some real hookup and nothing more in POV and amateur style. As usual, this starts off with Anita B having a casual conversation naked. James follows her around with a camera. They go around like its some sort of blog. While holding the camera, James gives her a little kiss and this transformed into something more awesome. They move on to the room. While still holding the camera, James records Anita kneeling in front of him, sucking him off. This time, two of them are now naked. Nothing is hidden. Anita goes on sucking and licking every inch of it for a good few minutes. Being tired from all that standing up, James now lie down on the bed. Anita follows him and starts riding his dick with her shaved pussy. At this point, the camera is now in the corner to record the whole thing. The only view you’ll see here is Anita’s pussy being pound hard from below as her ass shakes in every thrust. James holds her by the hair or the neck to maintain contact. Eventually, Anita faces the other way to show us her cute tits and pussy being fucked hard. James now bends her over to fuck her from behind. Anita didn’t fail on maintaining eye contact even at this scene. She looks back as James does what he does best. But he’s not totally selfish. He eats her out for a few moments before resuming on fucking her but this time, James does it sideways. James goes back on top to have the final efforts to cum. When he did, Anita kneels down gives him head again to receive all of it with her mouth.


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