Bliss Dolce's Mid-Day Ass Fucking


Bliss Dolce, James Deen


The scene opens in a grand white room with a grand white bed. Bliss Dolce is already in the bed while James Deen prepares to join her. She is wearing a black shirt and pink underwear. James is wearing nothing but his underwear as well. They are both on the bed, frollicking. James is down at her ass, as she lay on her stomach. James gingerly parted her abundant ass cheeks and promptly dove into her crack. He took a deep breath of her musky smell and felt hornier than ever. He licks her from cunt to butthole and she moaned deliciously. He crawled back up and pushed his fingers up her pussy. Bliss turned her head and gave him a kiss as his fingers worked their way into her cunt. They repositioned and Dolce bends down and licks James’ huge cock. This pleases him and he caught her hair. He held on to her hair as she bobbed up and down his cock. He lays back down and Bliss climbed atop him. She positioned her cunt and sunk down on James dick in one move. She’s wet and warm and tight. James can’t help but moan as she grinds down again and again on his dick. She pulls out for a bit to give him a blowjob and taste herself on his cock. James switched position and now they are fucking missionary style. Every thrust hits her clit, just so that she mewls and moaned loudly. They fucked some more. They fucked doggy style, then back to missionary. Bliss had cumed twice now. James is now near his peak and they have switched positions again. He slowed down his thrust and watch Bliss Dolce’s body convulses as he drove her to another orgasm. James Deen finally comes and left Bliss panting and winded on the bed.


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