Casey Calvert: Show Me Rough


Au-natural babe, Casey Calvert, is a true porn connoisseur and she knows exactly what she wants to watch and what she wants from her porn experience, and she feels that she can make something hardcore and rough that everyone can truly enjoy; she teams up with James Deen and set out to make that porn happen! Casey Calvert and James Deen sit on a couch watching and critiquing porn. Casey wears a black camisole and some sparkly purple/maroon tights and black long socks, but everything soon comes off. Casey takes off the bottom half of her clothes and reveals her nice ass and her whore holes; her holes beg to be stretched wide open. She makes him sit on the couch an she kneels before him and begins to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans to unleash his cock. Casey removes her top and begins to furiously suck his cock, taking him deep within her mouth, she begins to choke and gag but she pays no attention to that and continues forward with her task at hand. After she has left his cock all wet and slippery, she gets on the couch and he jams his cock inside of her, Casey never gets used to that first feel of a cock entering her wet pussy and she gasps and moans. He does not hold back on her and he fucks her tight ass hard and chokes her until she turns red and whimpers for oxygen, but she loves every second of it, the feel of his cock in her ass and the feel of his hand around her neck. Casey stands and bends over and spreads her gaping asshole for easy entry of cock. His long hard cock spreads her open deeper and wider, Casey moans and gasps for air, she holds on to the edge of the couch as her knees quiver and buckle from the almighty pleasure. They move to the bathroom where her further humiliates her, choking her with a belt and dunking her head in the toilet bowl, while simultaneously fucking and stretching her asshole. Casey is being much too loud with her shrieks and moans, so he shoves a roll of toilet paper to shut her up. He hooks her mouth, and pulls on the belt around her neck, Casey is drenched and red and covered in welts from the extreme fucking she is receiving. However, this is what Casey has wanted the whole time, and finally someone was able to deliver. She kneels on the ground and sucks his cock; she wants his load all over her face. She strokes him and sucks his balls and finally his warm jizz splashes her face and she swallows him whole.


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