Chanel Preston's Trust Issues


The scene opens with Chanel Preston lying on a black couch, a hairy hand around her neck. She is in a bikini and is obviously playing around with James Deen. It didn’t take long before the two starts making out with each other. James stands with his pants unzipped. Chanel kneels on the floor and takes his big dick into her mouth. He suddenly grabs her hair and guides her into giving him the best blowjob. She obviously obeys and does whatever he wants her to do. She sucks his big cock until it is hard enough to start fucking. With his dick hard and ready to fuck, James takes off all of his clothes and Chanel’s panties. He makes her lie down on the tiled floor and spreads her legs apart. He then gently thrusts his big hard dick inside her tight asshole. As he fucks her in the missionary position, she adds more pleasure by rubbing and pinching her clit. James suddenly pulls his dick out and Chanel stands up, heads to the rails and bends down. Her butthole is gaping, ready for entry. He takes her by surprise as he inserts his big hard on. He guides her until she is on all fours, humping her hard from behind in doggy-style. James and Chanel stops fucking. They head to the upstairs bedroom. She headed directly to the bed covered in white sheets. She lies down on her stomach as James inserts his cock into her butthole. He then shifts their sex position, without even pulling his dick out, and fucks her in the missionary until he reaches his peak. James Deen fucks her mouth as she kneels on the floor until her orgasms. He releases his cum inside her mouth and Chanel Preston willingly swallows. Her makeup is ruined but she happily smiles at the camera. She looks satisfied.


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