Dana Vespoli Films Herself Fucking


Dana Vespoli is with James Deen today to have a bit of personal talk about how they are the most awkward people in the business. It’s really nice to see some of their true colors behind those intense scenes you all see from their other videos. But it’s not really a Dana-kind of video if we’re not going to see some action. Dana films James, James does the same. Wearing no pants, her bush is bare for everyone to see. Dana admits to being socially awkward and points out that James' goes from one extreme to another. Her defense mechanism involves being serious and subdued. The conversation switches from butt sex to James' encounter with a lady he had sex with for the first time to how tame Dana is compared to the new, young actresses. They decided to place the camera on a chair, making sure the angle is still perfect. Back on the couch, they sit facing each other, James talks about his relationship when he was 18. He said he no longer does porn but adult entertainment. A moment later, he grabs Dana by the legs, make her lie on the couch, spread her thighs and eats her pussy. He even licks and sucks her toes. You can’t feel a tint of tension between them. James' mouth moves from her lips to her nipples then her pussy. She likes the sound of James jerking his big dick. Dana holds the camera, filming him between her legs. James penetrates Dana's asshole. This tattooed chick is nice sight for sore eyes. James having rough sex as a middle name, it became natural to do just that to Dana. Even though Dana is a good old friend for James, it didn’t give her a pass to not be fucked like a cheap whore. Dana’s response is just moan or a wild scream from all the pleasure she’s getting. Basically, that’s how their dynamic work. Dana gives back the favor by taking James' cock to her mouth. With the camera in his hand, he films how Dana milks his shaft. After settling the camera to a better angle, James fucks Dana's pussy while she's bent on the couch. She moans and tell James how good he is while her 2 fingers are in her asshole. James is not a tease to covet his cum from Dana. He showered all his affection towards his friend all over her chest. He even scoops it up using his dick and let Dana swallow all of it.


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