Dolly Leigh Tries Out Anal


Dolly Leigh, James Deen


They say weed is a gateway drug to something more extreme and illegal. Converting that to sex stuff, we have a question. Is there a kind of fucking that’s basically a gateway to anal? Or is it just a natural thing to like? We have so many questions right now. Good thing we have Dolly Leigh here to shed some light on the matter or somehow just give us a hint on what’s it like to have it in the first time. For quite some time now, all natural slut, Dolly Leigh, has been wanting to get her butt fucked by a man who knows how. She's finally found the right guy to do it. Dolly shows up at his house with a bag full of anal toys. She demonstrates how she's been practicing, and then presents her ass, so that the man can warm up her hole with his fingers and some lube. To break up the ass-stretching-by-butt-plug, the man puts Dolly on her knees, so that he can fuck her mouth. Once her mouth is dripping saliva, the man uses her spit to lube her ass some more, and then slowly works a butt plug deep inside. He fucks her pussy while her ass is filled with glass. Then he watches her masturbate while fucking her butt with a toy. Finally, Dolly thinks she's ready to take a real dick. She removes the butt plug, and asks the man to replace the toy with his big cock. He shoves himself inside and starts pumping. Dolly nearly cums at first penetration. He goes full fuck-mode until the time of cumming arrives. She keeps rubbing her clit while her butt takes a pounding. After she's orgasmed a few times, she gets on her knees and opens her mouth to receive a throat full of hot semen!


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