Kate Kennedy: Come Over And Open My Ass


Fit blonde Kate Kennedy invites James Deen over for some afternoon booty call. The all-natural slut is bored of spending most of her time alone in her apartment. She wants to make this hot summer day more exciting and memorable. No one can make that happen like the king of rough sex himself, James Deen. Kate gets bored with their usual chitchat with James. She wants his huge cock now. So, the naughty blonde starts showing off her pink pussy to her booty call. James doesn't want the hot babe to be waiting for long, so he quickly gets into action. He buries his face between Kate's phat ass cheeks. James licks her tight pussy and tiny asshole with gust. The blonde slut returns the favor by giving James a wonderful blowjob. She licks and sucks his cock like a delicious and refreshing Popsicle on a hot summer day. After the sloppy blowjob, Kate gets on top of James and fucks the king of rough sex in cowgirl position while they are on the couch. The couple transfers to the bedroom to enjoy more space. James wants Kate to enjoy their afternoon to the max. He continues to bang her hole. This time it is her asshole's turn to receive his huge cock. James shoves his cock deep into her tiny asshole doggy style. Kate can feel her anus being stretched out beyond limits. The two change their position to reverse cowgirl. Kate plays with her puffy pussy while James continues to wreak havoc inside her anal cavity. James keeps on fucking Kate's asshole and pussy alternately. Kate can't help but moan loudly as the king of rough sex lets her experience a stream of endless orgasms. They fuck in multiple positions before James feels like he can't hold in his cum any longer. He pulls out his cock from her asshole and showers Kate's pretty face with cum. The blonde bombshell then cleans her booty call's cock with her tiny mouth.


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