Gabriella Paltrova is Against Morning Sex


Gabriella Paltrova walks around the room naked having a casual conversation with James Deen. They eventually had a long talk about morning sex. They discussed if they liked it or not and Gabriella here strongly disagree that morning sex is a good thing to wake up to and the best time for a sex for her is at night. Said that she don’t want to do it when she’s groggy and ‘only want cum in the morning if it’s in her breakfast”. What a classy lady. They talk for a while until James Deen, falls asleep in the couch. He woke up when Gabriella walks in wearing a sexy outfit. Her friendly demeanor is somewhat missing and just looks at James like a food… OH. Would you look at the time? It’s night. It’s time for Gabriella to stick some dick in her. She invites James to eat her out from behind which he did without any second thought. Gabriella knows that James can give some good rough fucking so she ups her game by sucking on his dick. It’s given that she will choke and gag on it. We’re talking about James fucking Deen here. Following that same thought, its only natural for James to transition from a regular deep throating to anal sex. He made Gabriella bend over on the couch and mind his own ass-pounding business. In the same chair, he sits down afterwards and let Gabriella ride his dick while facing the camera. James moves this fucking to the room. He lies beside Gabriella and start pounding on that ass again sideways. He just flips and moves her around like the only thing that has a worth in that moment is her ass. Gabriella sucks on his dick for the last time to drain out the cum out of him. She plays with it for a bit and eventually swallowing all of it.


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