Holly Heart Feels Like a Woman


Some women naturally have “fuck-me eyes”. Holly Heart here has a set of them. That’s why she got invited to get some gentle fucking right in her ass. But after the events here, you might accuse us of lying with the gentle part. Personally, we think she got fucking destroyed. But that would not be a good headline, is it? Women have different ways to feel beautiful. Some are simple enough to just dress enough or just fish for compliments on the internet. Some have extreme ones that make a considerable impression that last them a long time. Holly goes for the latter. As she poses around the room with her ass and tits on beautiful display, James Deen comes over to help her out. Helping out, meaning, he gets to play with her big tits and cute asshole. Holly eventually kneels down to suck his dick. She gagged a couple of times while taking it all in but she’s okay. Holly’s used to it. This all happened on the stairway so they improvised when it’s time for the fucking. Holly faces the wall and bends over a little bit to expose her behind. James now proceeds to fuck her in the ass. She occasionally stop to lubricate that fat dick with her mouth and go back to her position. She gets tired eventually so she goes on all fours on the stairs. James follows and fucks her with the same intensity. Their fucking gets filmed in a combination of amateur and POV. This way, we get many angles to see Holly get fucked in her ass. They continued that for a while until James puts down the camera again. He sits down on the stairs and let Holly put her whole weight on the dick. Her big tits just follow suit as she do her business. At the end, they decided to change locations to properly end this. They went to the living room. Holly sits lies down and ready her ass be fucked sideways. This give James a perfect opportunity to creampie her ass which he did with outstanding manner.


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