Iris Rose Early Morning Anal


There are several things you might want wake up to. There’s breakfast, cold air, chirping birds or anal. Anything from those might delight the general population. To show how great this is, Iris Rose wakes up James Deen with the latter. She started this off by going under his sheets and starts sucking him off. Since James is already awake, he made a fuck hole out of her mouth. He is used like it’s not connected to human. Being hung like a moose, instead of hearing chirping birds outside, slurping and gagging noises engulfs the room. After some good few minutes of this, Iris now goes on top to have that dick inside her and not really the usual hole she use to do this. Iris utilizes her ass hole to give this morning a new meaning. This petite beauty’s ass can be admired from the distance as it descends and ascends in fast pace. James gives her kisses from time to time by pulling her head towards him. James takes over afterwards. He made Iris lie down beside him and starts fucking her sideways. James lifts one leg up in the air and starts pumping. Iris rubs her pussy occasionally while sneaking a kiss to James. After a while, James gets up and fucks Iris while her legs is in V-position. He was nice enough to eat her out in between times. Near the end, James bent her over and starts pounding that ass with his remaining strength and stamina. He went at it for a while and when he came, he made sure to stuff her ass hole with his cum. James grabs the camera and did a close up on Iris’ ass hole while it overflows with white, creamy cum. James just left her there after recording that inspiring image.


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