Jane Wilde Is A Slutty Anal Princess


Jane Wilde is not getting enough dicks lately. So she did what a friendly neighborhood slut would do— invite big-dicked James Deen over for some fuck. She starts off the full course meal for him, showing him her cute, pink holes that are ready to be filled. An outstanding move for Jane. Now that James got the invite, he proceeds to bury his whole face into Jane’s ass. He licked what he can lick. The man is very hard-working. Speaking of which, he is already hard as a diamond. So he pulls Jane over to embed his fat dick into her throat. No complaints from Jane. She happily jumps onto it like it’s her job. He really made her work for it. Now, he lies down and asks Jane to sit on his cock. She is now facing a huge ass mirror making her witness the whole ordeal. Next stop: the bed. Jane is now on a doggy position. James comes over to fuck her with gradual changes on roughness. Jane’s back arches from satisfaction. But that doesn’t stop there. James understands that Jane is not new to hard fucking, so he proceeds to inject his rod into her tight ass and the good thing is, she didn't stop him. He lays down to make the gravity help him go balls deep into her ass. Surprises don’t end here. He now brings out a vibrator to make the other hole busy. He now drag her to that huge ass mirror on the wall, presses her against it and starts fucking her from behind. They are now facing their reflections and it looks like a work of art. James now brings Jane back to bed to do the same routine as before. He pounded that ass again while Jane holds the vibrator over her lonely cunt. Near the end, James gave Jane a familiar pastry to celebrate the occasion— a crème de la pussy and gaping ass.


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