Jay Taylor's Hotel Room Romance


Jay Taylor is comfortably lying on the hotel room bed wearing her green panties and red spaghetti-strapped blouse. She starts masturbating while waiting for James Deen to join her on the bed. James walks in wearing a gray hoodie and denim jeans. As he takes off his pants, Jay playfully tries it on. He eagerly watches as she sexily poses with his pants on and patiently waits for her to take it off. Once the pants and her panties are taken off, he gets rid of his hoodie before trailing kisses all over her body. Jay still has her red blouse on as James reaches and devours her pussy. He licks, bites and sucks her clit then thrusts his warm tongue inside her tight pussy. He tonguefucks her until she is soaking wet. Jay then returns the sexual favor and kneels on the bed while James stands on the edge. She takes his full length member inside her mouth. She gives him a blowjobs until his big cock becomes hard and is ready to fuck. James thrusts his big hard cock inside her wet and tight pussy as Jay remains kneeling on the bed. He humps her pussy from behind, fucking her hard in the doggy-style position. The porn stars then switch sex positions fucking each other in the scoop me up position. James would every now and then lift one of her legs up for more access and sexual pleasure. Jay suddenly takes control of the situation and makes James lay down on the bed. She trails kisses all over his body until he reaches his big dick. She sucks it hard then hops on top of him. She gently inserts his big hard dick inside her pussy, getting hornier as she feels it opening and adjusting to his size. She rides him hard in the cowgirl position until James takes over. Jay is now lying on the bed with her legs spread apart. James slowly thrusts his big hard cock inside her wet and tight pussy. He fucks her pussy hard in the missionary position until he reaches his peak. The two then change sex position one last time. James Deen finishes fucking Jay Taylor in the doggy-style position.


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