Marie Luv Homemade Ebony Anal Sex


James Deen, Marie Luv


The bed cover is red, red as Marie Luv’s desire for anal sex. The exotic beauty is already lying naked on the bed, having the time of her life as she sucks a big hard cock. She teasingly licks the tip of his penis as she stares directly into the camera. She then proceeds to lick the side of his penis before taking his full-length member inside her mouth. Marie surely loves giving blowjobs. She has her eyes shut as she deepthroats him while she fingers her pussy. The next scene cuts into Marie Luv, alone on the bed of lustful desires. She looks like she is taking a break. But the truth is she is silently pleasing herself as she masturbates. She moans lightly as she becomes fucking wet. Marie’s legs are widely spread revealing that she is still wearing pink knee-high socks. Her legs have been spread for too long that she seems like she is patiently waiting for someone. James Deen approaches, already butt naked. His big cock is now hard and ready for some anal sex. James slowly thrusts his big hard dick inside her butt hole. Marie loves the sensation of her ass hole opening up to welcome his cock, adjusting to his size. He fucks her in the missionary position before turning her on one side, putting her legs together. James and Marie, without pulling out, switch sex positions with her on top now. She rides James’ big hard cock in the cowgirl position and later on shifts to the reverse cowgirl position. James is near his peak as Marie continues riding his big hard cock. James Deen’s dick throbbed and ready to orgasm. He takes control of the situation and fucks Marie’s ass hole in doggy-style. He then fucks her mouth until he orgasms all over her face. Marie Luv licks and swallows his warm cum, satisfied.


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