Mia Austin Is Down To Try Anal


Mia Austin wears a polka dot dress as she seductively poses near the window. She brightly smiles, looking too innocent, at the camera before giving a surprise. She suddenly pulls her dress up exposing her white lacy underwear. James Deen gets into the video as his hand reaches for her pussy and later on grabs her petite butt cheeks. He slowly unzips her dress leaving her only in her bra and panties. James takes all of his clothes too as he strips her off of hers. With both of them already naked, Mia takes initiative and kneels on the floor. She takes his full length member inside her mouth. She gives him a blowjob until his big cock is hard and ready to fuck. James drags her off the floor, turns her back with her facing the window pane and hurriedly thrusts his big hard cock inside her tight asshole. He fucks Mia from behind in the standing position. She loves the sensation too much even though she almost kissed the window pane with how hard he was fucking her. James and Mia transfer to the white couch in the living room. She now kneels on the couch with her arms on the headrest as he rams his big hard dick into her tight butthole. He humps her ass in the doggy-style position before shifting sex positions. The next scene cuts into Mia lying on the couch with her legs spread wide apart. James devours her pussy until she is soaking wet. He then inserts his big hard cock inside her tight asshole fucking her in the missionary position. The two then switch sex positions without pulling his dick out. Mia is now riding his big hard dick in the cowgirl position. The video finishes with James Deen fucking Mia Austin’s asshole in the missionary position. Mia bites her lower lip and smiles at the camera after that butt fucking session.


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