Iris Rose Horny Roadtrip Slut


A long trip with the monotony of whirring engines, wind blowing and other boring noises can get you worked up to the point where you just want to fuck it out to pass the time. Iris Rose gets this fever when she travelled with James Deen. Being an unstoppable fuck machine, James Deen does something about her ‘sickness’ with his sexual prowess and mostly big dick energy. It was quite distracting too on the part of James. He has a passenger where she just starts playing with herself like nobody’s watching. It’s quite dangerous at the very least. To stop this madness, James pulls over and grants her wish to get fucked. They move to the backseat and let Iris do her thing. She crawls over him and start sucking him off. Iris understood the things that will happen if she does proceed with it but she continued sucking him off even at the point where she’s just gagging. Iris moved on to the next level. She stops sucking and starts riding. Iris goes on top of James and just help herself for some dick inside her. She goes up and down as she rub herself off for an efficient fucking. James bends her over afterwards and starts fucking her ass. That’s what she get if she get feisty around the one of the greatest fuck machine. She just lies down there being helpless and only letting out noises that mostly pleasure. She eventually goes on top again but this time, James pumps her pussy from below. This continued on until James was ready to give her own taste of medicine. Iris gets off of him and jacks and sucks him off until he blessed her with some cum. They went back to regular road tripping after like nothing happened.


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