Jillian Janson Real Anal Slut


It’s really rare how some women come to you and straight up implies or says ‘let’s fuck’. It’s that kind of enthusiasm gets men for action. James Deen, the man in question does the thing when Jillian Janson tempted him into doing what she wants. James Deen cums to Jillian. Before all that juicy ending, the fucking process happened, of course. It was a normal day of James and his camera going around vlogging their sexy friends. It was fun and games when he followed Jillian when she was dressing up. This slender beauty has so much beauty to attract a good sum of men. Being a sole man graced with that kind of blessing at the moment, he did what had to do. He had Jillian suck his dick and some more to do what must be done. With the camera placed at the side of the bed, the fucking transpired. Jillian sucked his fat dick off. But sucking is not the only thing she did there. It was so deep that she had to gag to keep surviving. James places the camera in a different angle and had Jillian sit on his dick. In this angle, you should only see a nice view of her ass while she’s being pounded hard. She eventually flips over to you some tits, which is nice. James laid her down after a while and continues fucking at his will. Lifting one leg spreads her and going on for some occasional kisses was enough to make arrive at his cum stage. James grabs his trusty camera and had her do the finishing touches in POV. Jillian really knows what to do. At the end, James thought, ‘I bet this bitch is thirsty’ so he deposits his thick nut into her mouth and made her swallow all of it like a good girl.


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