Shana Lane is the Montreal Porn Star


Shana Lane meets up with James Deen wearing a purple dress. The two have a little bit of conversation just a few minutes before the sun sets when they decided to just go back to the hotel. The moment that they arrive at the hotel room, Shana excitedly takes her clothes off, leaving only her underwear on for James to personally get rid off and heads to the bed. She patiently waits for James to join her. James approaches her stilly fully-clothed and begins devouring her pussy as she bends lower giving more access to her tight pussy. He keeps eating her pussy until she is soaking wet. Shana then returns the favor as she goes down on him, taking his full-length member into her mouth. She deepthroats his big cock until it is fucking hard and ready to fuck. Shana takes control of the situation and hops on top of James. She gently thrusts his big hard cock inside her wet and tight pussy. She just loves the feeling of her pussy opening up and adjusting to the size of his penis. She rides his dick hard in the reverse cowgirl position. The two then change sex positions. James humps her from behind in the scoop me up position. James then pulls his dick out of her pussy and drags Shana to the edge of the bed as he stands in front of her. His big hard cock faces her asshole. He slowly inserts his big hard dick inside her asshole, fucking her in the edge-of-the-bed position. James then lies on the bed with his dick still inside her asshole, bringing her on top of him. Shana then fucks him in the cowgirl position until he is ready to cum. James Deen, knowing that he is about to orgasm, fucks Shana Lane’s mouth until he does so.


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