Shana Lane Ass Fucked In A Canadian Hotel


So, we heard you want some good Canadian pussy, eh? With a hard fucking as a method, eh? Is it okay if we present to you Shana Lane and James Deen for this, eh? Well, let us tell you all aboot it. lol Shana got a room with James Deen in Montreal for some reality hookup. With a bit of introduction and some smiles, the immediately proceed on eating each other out. Shana is on the bed waiting for it. James follows and gives her a deep kiss for a bit while slowly taking off their clothes. They go down at each other afterwards. From top to bottom, James licks Shana clean like a kitty cat. When he’s done, Shana does the same. Except this time, since James is hung like a moose, it’s inevitable for Shana to gag on it. To really emphasize this, they even went closer to the camera to give you a close up. If that’s not good enough for ya, James is now gonna proceed to fuck Shana in the ass. Being bent over on the bed, James did what he had to do. He went at it for a while until he made Shana go on top. He lie down on the bed and let her do her own thing. As she gets fucked from below right in her pussy, Shana had the free time to rub her pussy. With the wildness of the hard fucking, they eventually end up on the floor. For the last time, James bent her over while standing up to put a nice ending to this friendly fuck fest. When he’s totally done, he made her kneel before his glorious hockey stick and poured his cum all over her face like a maple syrup on pancakes in a nice Sunday morning in Timmies.


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