Skin Diamond Asks to Be Fucked in the Ass


Skin Diamond is so old fashioned. She gets almost no satisfaction using toys to get her off. So who do we usually call to remedy the situation? That’s right, lads. It’s James Deen. This rebel-looking black chick wants to be fucked in every fuckable hole in her body. That’s what it takes to get her off these days. She tempts James Deen into this reality hookup. James takes out his cock for Skin suck it off. Skin kneels down and complies. This happens in POV style but James knew that he can’t keep this up so from POV, he brings down the camera and this turns to amateur. After some good sucking, James drags Skin to the couch and bends her over. Skin’s pussy gets fucked from behind. Skin really looks good being fucked like this. Her looks doesn’t really match the way she is being fucked. She needs to be fucked real hard. Good thing James is quick on his toes. He backs down for a while and let Skin sit on the chair. He licks her ass to lubricate his next destination. Skin’s ass gets fucked next. Her legs just waves in the air while James gives her ass a good pounding. But James wants to prove a point. Earlier, Skin said that toys are not good for her. So James went ahead and defends the glory of the toys. He brings out a huge butt plug and let her use it once again. Her face looks like she was proven wrong. The amount of pleasure is really obvious on her face. Now that’s a done deal, James drags Skin to the couch again and eventually on the floor to fuck her ass to his completion. He unloads all of his cum deep into her ass. This ends as Skin’s ass getting creampied in her ass.


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