Skin Diamond in 'Coffee and Sex'


Talking things out with your friend while drinking some coffee is one of the best ways to detoxify yourself, especially when you work in a draining industry like Skin Diamond and James Deen here. So they get a little vlog going on while they talk about what’s going on with their lives. Skin talks about her past year and travelling around to get some work done. James talks about his resolution and other shit that involves him generally. But somehow, somewhere on their light conversation, they ended up talking about making a porno with ‘penis-Jenga made out of macaroons’. Whatever that means, sounds like fun. They should do it. But macaroons and sex is not necessarily be done at the same time. They can be like have sex and eat some macaroons. That’s basically their deal and they went back to hotel and do it. James starts by taking her shorts off. He runs his hand all over body until every piece of her clothing is all off. Skin sucks his dick eventually. Skin takes her time on dealing with his dick. James goes on the bottom to get an access on her pussy. They had some 69 going on. Nice. Skin gets the dick eventually while she’s on top. James’ hands just travels around her tits and other parts of her body. James asks Skin to go on all fours again to fuck her from behind. He just mashed her petite body against the bed. He lies by her side after to fuck her sideways. Skin gives it a little rest by sucking his dick again. She goes on top to get some. Near the end James is pounding Skin’s pussy while she’s on her back. When he came, he showered his cum all over her body. After that intense fucking, they just continue their casual conversation while Skin cleans off the cum on her body.


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